Where Is Common Sense Today?

     ” Common sense is not so common.”

                                                                                                              Quote by Voltaire

However, I value my common sense.


I appreciate my common sense and its ability to save me. I use my common sense to avoid difficult situations and overcome challenges.


My common sense helps me survive.


I am grateful that I have the ability to use common sense in a variety of situations. I value its simplicity and versatility.


I understand that common sense is only one part of my mind. I also rely on knowledge, experience, and other factors during different situations. However, I know my common sense preserves me and helps me.


I use common sense to my advantage each day.


I know it is part of my nature, so it helps me figure out the right path. My common sense creates logical solutions to challenges. I see the answers clearly in my mind. My common sense is part of my judgment abilities. I remain in control of my thoughts and ideas.


My perception is sound when my common sense is awake. I focus on solutions that benefit my life and family. I acknowledge the role my common sense plays. I am confident that it guides me to wise answers.




Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I help my children learn to appreciate common sense?

  2. What can I do to help others recognize the importance of common sense?

  3. How can I change situations that are not relying on common sense?

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