We Will Never Forget Lives Lost In Tragedy!

We never forget our loved ones lost, especially in tragedy!

Our memory, despite growing dimmer will always remember these dear ones taken from our lives.

As women, when we see the disasters & tragedies around the world we ask “WHY”?

Even though we are saddened by these lives lost in these tragedies, there are other problems that arise that we are not often aware of.

Women are much more vulnerable when disasters  & tragedies occur, both emotionally & physically.  These are times when personal safety & violence & access to scarce resources make it extremely dangerous for women.  So our awareness of these calamities & the accentuated difficulties for  women in these situations is essential to implement support & assistance.  This is referred to as a “double disaster” when the lives of women are made worse from these impacts.

“In calamities, you’ll see the best of humankind for the first few days. And then slowly, as the struggle looms large that you’re going to be without shelter and livelihood, that’s when a lot of conflicts occur,” Iyengar said. “At such times, women are vulnerable to different forms of trafficking and exploitation.”

 But Women are very resilient in time of tragedy & when given the opportunity can do amazing things to help themselves & others –

In Nepal, the plight of thousands of pregnant women is being given particular attention. The UN Population Fund, for example, in distributing hygiene and reproductive health kits.  Such efforts have in the past been shown to have a two-fold benefit. Not only are the lives of women improved, but many of them then get involved in relief activities. Local women, for instance, are the most effective at mobilising their communities.

There fantastic lyrics were written by Steven Forde

On April 25th an earthquake in Nepal killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 19,000. This subsequently inspired me to write this remix. I really hope you like my version and if you do a share and like would be more than appreciated. Thoughts are with all those in Nepal who are still suffering in the aftermath of that tragic day.

Tragedy comes but hope will help us through & support will help us achieve this!

Info attached above from Quartz is about “Why women are more at risk than men in earthquake-ravaged Nepal”.



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