The Amazing Experience of Birth & The Pain Never Talked About!

This amazing experience of women giving birth often does not give these women enough respect for all their efforts during their labors.

Worldwide there  are about 255  births per minute or 4.3 births every second.
 (2014 est. from Index Mundi statistics of World Birth Rate.)

A big congratulations to my amazing niece who now has become a new mother.  Yomi & Brad & Ruby Danger

Every woman going through birth knows the anxiety, apprehension, stress & excitement before the birth, the excruciating pain of the delivery & the total exhaustion yet exhilaration after the birth.

With admiration & support partners do their best to be in the picture but could they do it?

Well lets see just how the respond when put through a simulated experience!

Check this out & see how they manage, what women go through.

The top image of my clever niece’s little baby Ruby Danger is courtesy of her parents Brad & Yomi

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