Slavery & Our Phone!

Do you know about the slavery that ends up with the manufacture of our phone?

You may be unaware but our enormous thirst & desire for these next generation gadgets are fueling conflict & loss of life in the Congo.

‘Conflict Minerals’ are so called because of the slaves that are mining these minerals used to make our phones, computers & other everyday electronics we use.

This conflict is due to the competition over the access to the mineral resources in The Congo & it is known as the Great War of Africa but unfortunately we don’t hear much about this even though, it has been called the deadliest war since World War II.

This is the relevance with which we should be aware of when purchasing the latest phone or any other electronic gadget.



Conflict minerals are often mined under brutal conditions by forced labour, debt bondage, and even child slavery in the Congo. Slave-mined minerals are in many of our everyday electronic items: they generate hundreds of millions of dollars, and fuel the world’s deadliest ongoing conflict.

Huge progress is supposedly being made to rid our household electronics of modern slavery: Intel recently announced that all its new microprocessors will be free of conflict minerals, and CEO Brian Kraznich has urged other companies to follow suit.



To get more informed about this info source & read about this conflict & find out what is currently being done to stop this slavery or just find out how our phones relate to slavery, please go the Exposing The Truth

Image of wasted phones was photographed by Chris Jordan

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