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Do you ever look back & have regrets that you are not in the family photos.

I often think, where am I?   Sure enough, I was taking the photo.  But I have come to realize like so many others wives, mothers friends, that I am missing from this history.  Do you feel like that too?

This is the article that made me think, & no matter how bad I thought I looked at that time…. but that younger & fresher look has now aged & I realize  only now, that I should have been in those photos.

“We women and mothers cannot let our insecurities interfere with us participating in our own lives and families anymore. By not being in pictures with our children, we are actually disappearing from our family histories. We are disappearing from the world. It’s not okay. Because if we are ever going to live in a world where women do have all the same opportunities as men, where our daughters and sons can hope to have the ability to make lives that are fulfilling both at home and in a workplace of their choices — we can’t disappear.”

I am now changing from taking photos to being in photos, so the family will have memories of their mum in lots of future family photos.

What about you?

Try to keep yourself in your family photos as well & you will not have any regrets later.

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