Is Your Guy A Big Teddy Bear Or A Fierce Warrior?

Is you guy a fierce warrior or still a gentle teddy bear?

Do you enjoy big but gently teddy bear hugs?

Do you feel proud when he protects you “from the madding crowd”?

Or do you see both these characteristics in your guy!   Here are some wonderful ideas that will show how a man can treat a woman as a cherished & unique equal, from a position of self-respect without any supplication & be an inspiration that other men can aspire to.


He is a fierce warrior? Why call him a Fierce Gentleman? So far, his qualities seem to involve a great deal of service, gentleness, and consideration for others. How can such a one be called fierce? Isn’t this word to be reserved for menacing & dangerous wild animals, the violently intense, the threatening and the savage? Well, while all those descriptors could apply to a Fierce Gentleman whose loved ones have come under threat or attack and who realizes that he is the sole line of defense in the preservation of their persons, the word fierce also and equally means: “resolute or strenuously active” “of exceptional quality, exhibiting boldness or chutzpah” and “very, excellent.” These are the meanings we apply when we say a man is a Fierce Gentleman. Although he has principally banished violence from his life, this man is nevertheless a warrior, confronting the biggest and baddest dragons that plague the modern world, brooking no cowardice, shrinking from no challenge, stepping through his own fear and staying brave “5 minutes longer” than the ordinary man, as Emerson said. You will be able to tell this from your dealings with this man. You will be able to feel his strength, unafraid, in each moment. It is impossible to fake.

Take a look at this video & you will see how easily some scary mean-male machines can easily turn into gentle teddy bears when introduced to cute little puppies.  Their strength & masochism is not compromised at all, but it is complemented by a more gentler aspect.  Maybe your big teddy bear is similar or perhaps he is a fierce warrior, but you will find this video from YouTube very interesting & touching.

It’s all about finding the way to tap into these characteristics that will bring out the true person inside.


For more info on the interesting but enviable qualities of a Fierce Gentleman please go to FB where you can read all the qualities our loving partners need to inspire them & how to cultivate these qualities, so our big gentle teddy bears can also become fierce warriors & vica versa!

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