If We Give A Little Love Maybe We Can Change The World!

If you give a little love, you will get a little love of your own!

If we all give in life, you can gain, that’s the rule for everyone.

If you share love it will come back, in so many ways you don’t expect.

Even if you know, you will never get anything back, it is always best to give.  You never know what battles others are dealing with,

so it is best to be kind in you thought, actions & words.

Every day we live, is a new start of our journey, so live you life to the fullest & you will never have any regrets.


Each problem we encounter is just another perhaps painful but helpful inspiration to make us move on to better things.

So try to do the best possible in life, with what you have & when you can & where you are & you will find, love & admiration will follow you

throughout your life.

Where there is love, there is life!

….Mahatma Gandhi

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