Horses Give Us The Wings We Lack.

Horse have a special spirit, sometimes fiery but most times full of helpful compliance. We see beauty in there form, movement but especially in their soft questioning eyes.  They are graceful & fill us with wonder & when we experience being with horses we can share in a joy that only comes from seeing or being with these fine creatures.   We fell joy & when riding these magnificent animals we find wings to fly like being one with our steed.

“His is a power enhanced by pride, a courage heightened by challenge.
His is a swiftness intensified by strength, a majesty magnified by grace.
His is a timeless beauty touched with gentleness, a spirit that calls our hearts to dream.”

~ Author Unknown


We often enjoy seeing cute videos & numerous clips of our beloved dogs & cats, but there seems to be little about horses.  These magnificent creatures have assisted us throughout all time in various ways & yet our favorites are definitely the family pet dog or cat, but this is manly because of our living environments today.

So here are a few amazing compilations that hopefully you will enjoy, just as I have done when viewing them.


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