Have You See The New Musical Film “Pitch Perfect 2” Directed by Elizabeth Banks!

Elizabeth Banks made her directing debut in this very funny musical film, Pitch Perfect 2.

This movie is a credit to this very clever woman as described in the statement below…

“Elizabeth is one of the sharpest directors I ever worked with,” says the veteran sound pro, who’s worked on films such as Spider-Man 2Transformers and the original Pitch Perfect, and who hangs his hat at Sony Pictures Post Production Services. “She’s smart, and knew what was important and what to spend time on. It was a pleasure working with her.”

The movie tackles many sensitive topics in a humorous way with frequent innuendos & jokes about overweight issues, racism & sex.  But also covers important & relevant topics about friendship, love & job careers, all being important questions that teenagers resonate with.

The comment above was from Kevin O’Connell, the re-recording mixer and 20-time Oscar nominee who recently worked with Elizabeth Banks in this movie & you can find out more about Elizabeth Banks at The Hollywood Reporter.



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