Fun Meditation In The Playground!

Fun meditation in the playground.

You can have fun & still meditate when you visit the playground by simply being mindful of you thoughts when enjoying the outdoor, the nature surrounding you & the fun activities in these areas.  Furthermore you will be more likely to do the practice regularly & also screen out other distractions here.
You can revisit your childhood with these 5 meditations inspired by swings, slides, monkey bars, crawl tunnels, and seesaws & have fun at the same time.

Meditation on Swings Reflecting On Freedom

1. Feel the freedom.  Swing from a plain old tire swing can make you feel like you’re flying. Picture yourself soaring high.

2. Expand your mind.  Put aside your every day roles & work expectations and think about your own self. Try to describe your purpose in life and your connection to this universe.

3. Realize your own power.  Appreciate your true potential. Remind yourself of the challenges you’ve overcome and the strengths you possess.

4. Nurture your spirituality. Do something that puts you in touch with the divine. Read scriptures or maybe go to your own special spiritual place.


Meditation on Slides and Decision Making

1. Act deliberately.  Plummeting down a slide is exciting. It’s also can teach you how quickly you can fall in your life, unless you stand up to outside pressures.

2. Always consider your options. Ask yourself if you’re drifting through life or making conscious choices. Clarify where you want to go and how to get there.

3. Take action. Pick one area of your life where you want to take greater control. Tackle a new project at work or join a walking club or take the dog for a walk & this is where you can lose weight, shape up, and meet new friends as well.

Meditation on Monkey Bars and Reality

1. Tighten your grip. To swing across monkey bars, you need to grab the bars really tightly or you will fall. Similarly in life, a strong grasp on reality will make you more effective and successful.

2. Spot distortions. Are you struggling with debt or having frequent arguments with your children? Examine your assumptions to see how you may be contributing to the situation.Try not to make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

3. Change directions. Make a fresh start today. Rein in your discretionary spending. Hire a tutor or schedule a conference with your child’s teacher to resolve homework issues. Get involved.

Meditation on Crawl Tunnels and Courage

1. Face your fears. Sometimes you have to slither through a dark, tight space to reach the other side. Find the courage to go through tunnels and other challenges.

2. Release stress. A calm mind makes it easier to be brave. Take a deep breath and let go of your anxieties. Each time you persevere in spite of your doubts, you train yourself to become more confident.
3. Focus on gains. Look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Savor the anticipation of having your efforts rewarded.
4. Take a risk. Dare to do something positive that feels uncomfortable. Apologize for a past error. Sign up for a public speaking course.

Meditation on Seesaws and Trust

1. Seek cooperation. You can count on a smooth ride as long as both children climb off the teeter-totter at the same time. Looking out for each other keeps us safe and connected.

2. Examine your relationships. Think about the family, friends, and colleagues whom you admire for their reliability. What can you learn from the way they show their respect and concern for others?

3. Encourage teamwork. Devote your day to eliciting more collaboration at home and at work. Schedule a family meeting to enhance communications, resolve issues, and have fun. Listen attentively to your coworkers and be flexible about trying out new ideas.

Hopefully you will have fun & enjoy your meditation practice in the playground!

What you learned on the playground as a child can make you more mindful as an adult.

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