Education Helps Us Adjust In Life!

Education gives us the amazing ability to adjust to life’s changes.

My education is a lifelong commitment to shifting perspectives.

On completion of formal education, there is always more to learn. Learning new hobbies, new traits, and new ways of completing tasks are just some of the different ways we can take advantage of & expand our knowledge in a widespread of fields & ideas. Seeking opportunities to continue educating yourself, is the key to a fruitful & happy life.

Occasionally, from the media we discover facts, evidence, and opinions that challenge our perspectives. But on other occasions, we might find our opinions are reaffirmed.


Communication is often the best form of education. Each person has a lifetime of experience, a wealth of knowledge to share. By engaging others, we can discover new ways to ask questions when we encounter confronting challenges.   We learn about the human experience, and discover that we can learn the same things and still have different perspectives.

By enjoying the roles of both student and teacher, we can learn many things from each other. Perhaps also we might retain more of what we know by repeating and clarifying information & even discover the reasoning of counterpoints to our opinions.

To avoid mental torment we can embrace the diversity of the world. Also by keeping an mind open, like the door to a classroom, we can discover much more.

Today, you can start & intend to learn something new. The potential for learning is limitless, and every new discovery will impact your perception of the world around you.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who or what inspires me to continue learning?
2. What are my favorite things to read about?
3. How can I keep myself motivated to challenge my beliefs and opinions?

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