10 Useful Ways To Revive Your Old Socks!

Here are some useful ways to use or revive old sock you might have in the cupboards.

Or have you got a pile of single socks left when the other one gets taken by that black hole in your washing machine?

Don’t throw out your old socks or those single socks, there are tons of useful ways to reuse them if in good enough condition!

Turn them into useful cuddly & creative ideas that could be appreciated rather than clogging up the environment. Just like these cute monkeys or penguins made from socks.  So put those old socks to use &  get rid of that annoying stockpile once and for all.




Yes you will have to put in some effort but you will achieve a unique cuddly toy the will be loved & will help to avoid adding to all the huge amount of waste being disposed of around the planet.

This image is courtesy of Craft Passions & if you go to this LINK you will find all the instructions on how to make these clever little toys just using you old socks, but you might need to buy some new socks to add to your toy collection once you start to make these little toys.2_monkeys


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